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WWF Finland runs first EUROWA BASIC Responder Course

In October, WWF Finland organised its first ever EUROWA BASIC Responder course.  WWF Finland has been providing oiled wildlife response training for their oil spill response volunteers for many years, but the training format has thus far been slightly different from the EUROWA standard training courses. From now on, all oiled wildlife response training offered by the organisation will conform with EUROWA standards.

The BASIC training event was organised by network member WWF Finland in cooperation with, and at the facilities of Korkeasaari Zoo, and under the guidance of two local trainers. 21 participants, including zoo staff, successfully completed the lectures and practical training elements. The morning was spent familiarising participants with the concept and different elements of oiled wildlife response, the tasks of volunteers in search and collection and rehabilitation, as well as important health and safety considerations. The afternoon was spent conducting search, collection and capture exercises as well as tube feeding exercises.

The EUROWA BASIC Oiled Wildlife Responder course is the first level of  the EUROWA training portfolio. The objective is to help participants to understand and implement basic wildlife response skills, which they can perform under supervision of experienced responders in the case of an oil spill. Participants who wish to further their knowledge can continue their training at and ADVANCED training event.

WWF Finland will continue providing annual EUROWA BASIC and ADVANCED training courses for Finnish volunteers and will work to strengthen the expertise and experience of key personnel within agencies, NGO’s and expert organisations in the country. This work supports not only the preparedness in-country but increases the joint capacity of European countries to respond in case of a large-scale wildlife emergency.

For further information, contact the EUROWA Secretariat.
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