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Understanding the EUROWA project through e-learning

To help interested parties learn more about how the EUROWA Module will work, a set of e-learning tools is being developed with the aim of providing answers to such questions as what the EUROWA Module is, what it can do, and how this oiled wildlife module can be invited and integrated into a spill response.

The e-learning tools are designed to create a better understanding of what an international oiled wildlife team can bring to the table during a response, and to allow governments and NGOs to review the processes involved in initiating a EUROWA response before a spill occurs.

The self-paced format will mean potential module users can revisit the materials at any time, incorporate information into their own response processes, or use them as a quick reference when activating and managing a response. For example, governments who would be likely to consider inviting a EUROWA team to assist with an ongoing response can access a summary of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in the e-learning format. The SOP section will show which steps need to be taken and why, and hyperlinks will be provided to parts of the SOP that are relevant to consider in context.

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