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The Netherlands continues its preparedness efforts with a new increase in trained responders

Looking back on the past 6 months, SON-Respons has continued to work on preparedness as part of the Rijkswaterstaat programme for oiled wildlife.

The focus has been on increasing the capacity of higher trained staff for a temporary facility should it be needed. Three EUROWA training packages have subsequently been delivered for Advanced Responders, Pre-Wash Specialists and a new course aimed at Facility Managers earlier this year.

At the same time a refresher for Advanced Responder was run in January in and a Basic Responder training was delivered in February. These courses all took place at rescue centres which are members of the SON network in the Netherlands.

Looking ahead the focus for preparedness will be on refreshing all Basic Responders this coming winter, each rehab centre will run these refresher courses at three moments in time.

Parallel to that, within the Rijkswaterstaat programme, in the next six months priority will be given to field preparedness for the more challenging and hazardous locations along the Dutch coast.

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