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Welcome to the Authority Area of the EUROWA Website!

The aim of this section of the website is to provide Authorities in  Europe, who are interested to improve wildlife preparedness and response in their countries, with different resources like tools and guidelines, animations, webinars and e-learning material.

Tools and Guidelines


WildX Exercise Package

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Go to the EUROWA Animations and Videos section to find short animated videos that can help you to get some wildlife messages across.

EUROWA E-learning course for Authorities

Integrated management of wildlife emergencies

Responding to oiled wildlife: the multi-disciplinary, multi-authority and fully integrated approach

Explanation of the multi-disciplinary and multi-authority aspects of an oiled wildlife response and the need for full integration.

Understanding PLOF: Planning, Logistics, Operations and Finance

Guide through the concepts of Planning, Logistics, Operations and Finance in the context of a multi-disciplinary marine emergency response.

Operational design: field and facility response set-up

What are the risks of animals getting oiled and what options exist for professional wildlife response in the field and in facilities.

The Bow Jubail - EUROWA assistance in action

An oiled wildlife incident which demonstrates the value of EUROWA mutual assistance and explores success factors of an international tiered response.


Additional documentation can be found on the Resources section of the EUROWA website

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