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Reducing the Impact of Oil Spills (RIOS)- Background Document

Author: Nordeconsult, Zoomarine and Sea Alarm Foundation
Year of publication: 2008
The RIOS-project is focused on negative impacts of oil spills on marine wildlife and how these effects can be minimised through investments into research and development. The main objective of the project is to develop a European Action Plan for future research and development, and to stimulate contacts and future cooperation between relevant groups and stakeholders such as scientists/researchers, marine wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians, biologists, NGOs, the oil and maritime industries and governmental organisations.

This Background Document contains the contributions of four experts who have been asked to provide their personal overview of the state of the art with regards to their field of expertise and to propose a set of priorities for new research. The main areas that have been reviewed in the Background Document include:
− Vulnerability mapping (by Kees Camphuysen);
− Rehabilitation (by Mike Ziccardi and Thierry Jauniaux);
− Post release survival; (by Mark Grantham) and
− Impact assessment (by Kees Camphuysen).

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RIOS Project Background Document

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