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EUROWA Part J – Advanced Oiled Sea Turtle Responder Manual

Author: EUROWA
Year of publication: 2022
The Advanced Oiled Sea Turtle Responder Manual was created for people that have previous experience with sea turtles and wish to learn how to respond to the needs of sea turtles during an oil spill. The responder will already have experience working with sea turtles; as a researcher, protecting turtles on nesting beaches, or working in a rehabilitation centre or at an aquarium. This manual, and the associated EUROWA training course, will explain how this knowledge can be applied in an oil spill response, when one has to respond safely and effectively to environ-mental effects of oil and the effects of oil on the animals.

This manual was developed as part of EUROWA-2 project, co-funded by the European Union for Civil Protection (2021-2022).

The document is available for the wildlife response community, with the goal of collaboration and sharing good practice, increasing knowledge and skills and encouraging networking and collaboration amongst responders. In this way EUROWA hopes that good practices, which ensure the highest level of care for wildlife, are available for those who wish to implement them.

Disclaimer: Reading this protocol as a 'cook book' without any previous experience in oiled sea turtles rehabilitation is not a substitute for following hands-on training under the guidance of experienced oiled wildlife responders. Without such training the use of this protocol may not result in the successful rehabilitation of sea turtles and may, in some situations, harm the turtles under care. Sea Alarm and the EUROWA Network cannot be held responsible for eventual poor results achieved while using this protocol during an oiled wildlife response.

Availability: Available to the EUROWA Network and trained EUROWA Responders. Other interested individuals/organisations should contact the secretariat.
Associated with the following EUROWA Courses: Advanced Oiled Sea Turtle Responder Course

Download document:

This document is available from the website for network members and people attending EUROWA Training courses.
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