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European Oiled Wildlife Response Plan Proposal

Author: Sea Alarm Foundation, CEDRE, ICRAM, IFAW, SYKE, ITOPF, OSRL
Year of publication: 2007
A proposal for a European Oiled Wildlife Response Plan was developed based on the conclusions and recommendations that came out of three EU Workshops held in 2006. The three workshops formed the basis of the EU project "Oiled Wildlife Response Planning in Europe."

Although entitled a response plan, this document is in fact a strategy that identifies opportunities and lists a number of objectives and activities that that could be adopted and carried out at different national (including sub-national), regional (regional seas) and international (European or global) levels.

This plan was presented to national governments and at each relevant international platform (e.g. European Commission, Helsinki Convention, Bonn Agreement, Barcelona Convention, Copenhagen Agreement), moving efforts to improve oiled wildlife response and preparedness forward within the EU.

Download document:

European Oiled Wildlife Response Plan Proposal

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