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Presentations to Regional Agreements

Sea Alarm recently informed HELCOM RESPONSE, OTSOPA and the Meeting of REMPEC FOCAL POINTS about the EUROWA Module project and how it is envisaged that the Module will become part of the wider European oil spill preparedness systems.

Sea Alarm attended the annual meeting of OTSOPA (Bonn Agreement) in Ireland and presented an overview of recent international developments, including the progress and anticipated outcome of the EUROWA Module project. OTSOPA will consider further decisions on the integration of wildlife response in national plans in 2016, and is likely to consider the draft Standard Operating Procedure of EUROWA Module which will be available by that time.

HELCOM Response met in Brussels and received a similar update by Sea Alarm on international developments and the EUROWA Module project. As part of the Baltic Sea Action Plan the HELCOM countries are developing integrated wildlife response plans and the future existence of the Module could be considered as the vehicle for mutual assistance between countries in this field.

Sea Alarm also submitted an informational paper that was distributed to the Meeting of REMPEC Focal Points in Malta, June 2015.

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