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What is the WildX Exercise Package?

WildX is a unique tabletop exercise portfolio based on a fictitious multi-country setting with maps at different scales. It allows for a playful simulation of marine pollution incident scenarios that would need integrated management of wildlife impacts. The portfolio includes a set of serious games which will allow participants to explore various realistic response challenges and discuss the operational management options while achieving the different objectives set for the exercises. 

How does WildX work? 

The WildX games are both serious and fun to play. They follow different scenarios which allow for open discussion amongst players. By using dice, card decks, maps and other playful materials, each tabletop in the portfolio stimulates creative free-thinking and active learning, while participants jointly study and discuss the scenarios. The WildX tabletops are designed to let participants work as a team while solving the presented challenges and developing ownership over the results of their discussions. WildX will also help participants to understand the nature of wildlife aspects in a marine pollution scenario and how they emerge, discuss the options for a successful response and develop new insights about their own role and that of other stakeholders. 

What is the overall purpose of WildX?

 The exercise package has been developed with the following objectives: 

  • Raise awareness of what a marine pollution wildlife emergency implies and the complexity of responding to it 
  • Demonstrate and clarify the various aspects and challenges of wildlife impact scenarios 
  • Highlight and embed the concept of holistic and integrated management 
  • Motivate decision makers to develop integrated wildlife response plans and response capabilities in-country 
  • Motivate decision makers to consider in their preparedness the EUROWA network and/or other international networks able to provide international assistance. 

The WildX portfolio covers the following domains within wildlife response:

Who is it for?

Professionals from authorities, industry and NGOs can all  benefit from participating in a WildX exercise session. A mixed group of participants with different responsibilities, knowledge and roles is recommended, as they can oversee a wide range of viewpoints and it will maximise the effect of active learning.

Interested to organise a WildX session?

The WildX serious games are modular, so each can be used stand-alone or in combination. For example, in an event where participants are interested to learn about different topics. WildX games are used in EUROWA and Sea Alarm training courses, in combination with other teaching methods.

A first version of the WildX Exercise package was initially developed by Sea Alarm under the EU funded EUROWA-2 project (2021-2023). However, the package continues to be further developed with improvements and new modules being added.

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