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Response Services

The EUROWA network is available to assist European authorities during emergency situations. Qualified experts from the EUROWA network organisations can join together to form a EUROWA Module, consisting of a team of experts and a stockpile of equipment that can be mobilised 24/7 to complement the capability or capacity of a local wildlife response. EUROWA experts will act as a Tier 3 international team, that provides tailored support to local first response teams (Tier 1) and national experts (Tier 2).

EUROWA experts can assist with:

  • Management aspects of the wildlife response
  • Integration of the wildlife response into the larger response
  • All aspects of collection and treatment of oil affected animals
  • Education and coaching of local responders
  • Support in dealing with media and communications.

An internal Standard Operating Procedure describes procedures for joining and operating as a EUROWA team. An external Standard Operating Procedure provides guidance for authorities as to how to mobilise and support the EUROWA network.

Latest incident

In 2018, the EUROWA network, together with some experts from outside Europe, was mobilised to an oiled wildlife incident in the Netherlands – the Bow Jubail incident in Rotterdam Harbour. The response demonstrated that the EUROWA network can mobilise and provide a coherent team of experts who can quickly undertake key roles and responsibilities, giving leadership to volunteers. The team members’ common understanding of objectives, methodology and structures for work floor cooperation are the basis for a powerful service that can assist any European country who has to deal with immediate wildlife challenges following an oil spill. Lessons learned and new insights raised during the evaluation of the response have been incorporated into the EUROWA standards series.

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