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A key objective of the EUROWA Network is to develop and publish best practice guidelines for oiled wildlife response and to make this guidance available for persons working in oiled wildlife rehabilitation, or who are interested to get into this field. This effort started in 2013, following a joint initiative where oiled wildlife response experts came together to agree on the first European oiled seabird rehabilitation protocol. Since then, our library has grown and evolved into today’s EUROWA Standards seriesa set of guidelines representing European standards across the spectrum of oiled wildlife response. An overview of the Standards Series is given below. 

EUROWA Part A – Standard Operating Procedure External

The External SOP provides detail on how a Requesting Party can mobilise EUROWA experts and equipment.

EUROWA Part A – Standard Operating Procedure Internal

The Internal SOP provides detail for EUROWA organisations on operational procedures in the different response phases, routines and tasks, forms and templates, health and safety, etc.

EUROWA Part B – Animal Care during an Oiled Wildlife Response

Protocol for oiled seabird rehabilitation describing animal care methods during an oiled wildlife response and explaining rehabilitation processes.

EUROWA Part C – Facility Design Handbook

Manual containing basic information on the design and set up of wildlife rehabilitation facilities including the various departments and support units.

EUROWA Part D – Equipment Handbook

Manual containing an overview of the equipment currently stockpiled by the EUROWA network.

EUROWA Part E – Response Concepts Handbook

Handbook for in the field/on-site use, including key technical concepts and guidelines.

EUROWA Part F – Facility Management Handbook

Manual providing details on how to set up and manage a wildlife rehabilitation centre as a conceptualised facility.

EUROWA Part G – Basic Oiled Wildlife Response Manual

Manual providing important guidance for volunteers and first-line responders who may be called on to provide initial first aid care for oil affected wildlife.

EUROWA Personnel, Work Floor Functions and Job Descriptions

Manual summarising data from the EUROWA Database on trained responders and their current levels, plus job descriptions for roles on the work floor.

EUROWA Training Portfolio

Manual summarising data from the EUROWA Database on all course packages that are currently available under the EUROWA banner.

EUROWA Part H – Oil Impact Assessment Handbook

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