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New batch of EUROWA ADVANCED responders qualify in Ireland

In November, several EUROWA BASIC responders upgraded their qualifications to ADVANCED Responders by completing the advanced EUROWA course in Ireland. During an oil spill, certified ADVANCED responders will make up a crucial part of the workforce in animal rehabilitation, and it is therefore important that there are trained advanced responders in each European country.

The course was aimed at key people in EUROWA member organisations, who are be likely to be mobilised in their own country if a spill happens. Many of the participants work at rehabilitation centres, volunteer for them or are part of EUROWA member organisations’ voluntary troops. A total of 12 responders, from 6 different countries qualified asADVANCED Responder during the event in Ireland.

After attending the ADVANCED responder course, participants gained a deeper knowledge into the impacts of oil on wildlife, animal husbandry, and the rescue, collection, and preparation for transport of oiled wildlife, among other things.

Overall, the course was well received by the participants who felt that it gave them a better understanding of and preparedness for the process of oiled wildlife rehabilitation, and also gave them a sense that their efforts are needed and valued.

The trainers were Katharina Erdmann and Sascha Regmann from ProBird Germany, as well as Pauline Beades and Helen Silke from the Oiled Wildlife Response Network (OWRN) Ireland, who attained their trainers’ certificate at the event. This will now enable OWRN to organise EUROWA ADVANCED Responder courses in the future.

For further information, contact the EUROWA Secretariat.


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