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EUROWA training manual series being developed

The EUROWA project partners are tasked with developing training course materials aimed at certifying responders and veterinarians at different functional levels within a response team. As part of the package, the project team have created a series of manuals to accompany the other training materials developed for Module team members.

The manuals elaborate on some of the technical and theoretical concepts explained in the training courses and provide written background texts which will help the trainees (who are potential members of a EUROWA mobilised team), to deepen their understanding of key aspects of oiled wildlife response.

The newly developed training courses will be run for the first time in the autumn of 2016 (see previous article) and mark a milestone in the development of oiled wildlife response preparedness in Europe. EUROWA Module team members are, however, very aware that a one-week course is not enough for someone to become an expert. Rather, the course is one part of a process of independent study, attending trainings and exercises, and gaining direct experience during an actual spill response that is vital to attaining higher levels of competency. The EUROWA training landscape will reflect this.

The manual series to be produced and printed under the project includes:
•    An updated joint protocol for oiled seabird rehabilitation
•    A handbook on wildlife response equipment
•    A handbook on rehabilitation facility design and
•    A handbook on rehabilitation facility management focusing on managing large seabird populations within a facility when faced with limited resources.

When used for both independent study and as an adjunct to the training courses and exercises, the manuals will play a role in training new Module team members and for maintaining the knowledge base of all personnel on the team.

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