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Description of the organisation:

SON_Respons works with stakeholders and competent authorities involved in the Dutch national response plan, through the organisation of national trainings and exercise programmes.

The Organisation the coordination of a national network of rehab centres on oiled wildlife using the EUROWA training modules.

SON_Respons advises Rijkswaterstaat on oiled wildlife preparedness and response i.e. the Government on oiled wildlife preparedness. Mobilising rehab centres in case of a spill.

Area of expertise:

  • Preparedness of stakeholders of the National Response plan (national training and exercise programme)
  • Network coordination of rehabilitation centres on oiled wildlife
  • Rijkswaterstaat technical advisor on oiled wildlife preparedness and response

EUROWA Charter signed in 2020

Involvement in European preparedness/EUROWA since 2014




Governance Committee Members
Simone Jay
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