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Centre Vétérinaire de la Faune Sauvage et des Ecosystèmes (CVFSE)

Description of the organisation:

The CVFSE is a wildlife rehabilitation centre in operation for more than 30 years and with strong veterinary skills. About 2000 native wild animals are admitted there annually from a range of terrestrial or aquatic species. It’s one of the lead organisations in France for wildlife rehabilitation, rehabilitation veterinary medicine and education regarding these both topics. Located on the French Atlantic coast in South Brittany, it experienced several large oil spills and other small accidents. The centre has collaborated with Sea Alarm since 2009 and then had the opportunity to take part in several European projects aiming to improve the wildlife branch of oil spill responses at a European scale. It’s currently the main member in France of the EUROWA Network.

Area of expertise:

  • zoological veterinary medicine
  • wildlife rehabilitation
  • epidemiological surveillance
  • education (from basic to specialist trainings)

EUROWA Charter signed in 2020

Involvement in European preparedness/EUROWA since 2009


Partner organisation

Wildlife Health Centre – Oniris National College of Veterinary Medicine – Nantes, France.

Describe your job

As the head vet of the wildlife health centre, I have several missions from dealing with distressed wild native animals to managing the medical staff in addition to conduct epidemiological studies and lead several training courses

How would you explain your job to a five year old?

I’m a doctor for wild animals (birds, hedgehogs, bats…) found injured or diseased in nature and I do my best to provide good care to cure them so they are able to go back home, in the wild.

What do you love most about your job?

Working with and for the health of wild animals everyday! And everyday is different with interesting seasonal changes

What are the trickiest situations you face as part of your job?

Dealing with human behaviours faced by wildlife and nature in general.

What was your dream occupation as a child?

Becoming a wildlife vet! 😉

If you were a superhero, what would your secret power be and why?

Able to control the weather, to fight against climate change.

How can people get in touch with you?

General Assembly members
Philippe Gourlay
Olivier Lambert
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