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Le Réseau des Centres de Soins de la Faune Sauvage en France

Description of the organisation:

Le Réseau was created in 2019, as a network of 18 founding wildlife hospitals who came together to create a national network with the common goal of improving the care of wildlife in distress. Today it has grown to include 26 wildlife hospitals, providing information sharing and knowledge tools to all wildlife hospitals in France (including non-members).

Le Réseau counts among its members 8 coastal centres who would be key organisations in responding to an oil spill or other marine wildlife emergency. Le Réseau’s members aim to offer harmonised coordination, protocols and assistance in case of a marine wildlife emergency.

Area of expertise:

  • Rescue of animals in distress from the wild (capture and transport).
  • Reception, care and rehabilitation of wildlife  in specialised centres.
  • Mediation (advice and solutions for better cohabitation between humans and wildlife).
  • National response network coordination.
  • Volunteer management.

EUROWA Charter signed in 2022

Involvement in European preparedness/EUROWA since 1999

Meet the team

General Assembly members
Manon Tissidre
Anne-Laure Dugué
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