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EUROWA equipment stockpile now in Ostend

Recently Belgian authorities approached Sea Alarm with the offer to help to house the EUROWA equipment stockpile. That equipment has now been moved to a warehouse in Ostend.

The Federal Public Service for Health, Food Chain safety and Environment has been following the development of EUROWA for years, and has been a supporter of EUROWA’s objectives. In December they informed Sea Alarm that Belgian oil combat equipment would be moved to a new warehouse and that additional floor space could be provided to store the EUROWA stockpile. The authorites offered this floor space as an in-kind contribution in support of EUROWA, and it was gratefully accepted by Sea Alarm.

Probird Germany graciously took care of the transportation of the stockpile from Hamburg, and Rijkswaterstaat arranged for the transport of equipment that was still in Rotterdam following the Bow Jubail incident, to Ostend.

Now that the full set of equipment is reunited in Ostend, the Wildlife Rescue Centre Ostend will lead the local maintenance activities in close consultation with the other EUROWA partners. The equipment remains available for mobilisation to incidents throughout Europe. Sea Alarm and all EUROWA partners would like to express their great appreciation for the kind gesture by the Belgian authorities.

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