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The project included 7 Work Packages:

WP1 focused on project management, ensuring the overall management of the project by Sea Alarm (Coordinator) and reporting to the Commission.

WP2 aimed to promote the EUROWA-2 Project and EUROWA Network in general to maximise their outreach. The following means were used:

  • Improved new EUROWA Website
  • Newsletters
  • Promotion at external events (Regional Agreements and International conferences)
  • Social Media
  • Animations

WP3 developed new EUROWA training and exercise materials :

  • MANAGERS course
  • Guideline for Wildlife exercise development
  • Wildlife tabletop exercise package
  • E-learning Module for EUROWA network members

WP4 concentrated on the EUROWA Network collaboration and improvement of their working procedures. The following outcomes were developed:

  • In-person and online meetings
  • Equipment inspection
  • Update and re-publishing of EUROWA Standards

WP5’s target was focused on engaging European authorities into oiled wildlife response management. With this objective the following activities were developed:

  • National authorities participating in Integrated wildlife workshops (2 online and 1 in person)
  • Future of Oiled Wildlife Response in Europe – The Proposal
  • E-learning Modules for authorities
  • Video Animations

WP6 aimed at improving Europe’s preparedness and capacity to respond to marine wildlife emergencies by delivering new and existing training courses. The following courses were provided:

  • 2 x Risk & Impact Assessment Course
  • 1 x Wildlife Managers course
  • 2 x Specialist training courses
  • 2 x Advanced training courses
  • 1 x Basic and Advanced oiled sea turtle course

WP7 created a new EUROWA Branch for sea turtle response with the development of:

  • Basic and Advanced Sea turtle protocol
  • BASIC and ADVANCED training for sea turtle experts
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