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The project includes 7 Work Packages:

WP1 focuses on project management, ensuring the overall management of the project by Sea Alarm (Coordinator) and reporting to the Commission.

WP2 aims to promote the EUROWA-2 Project and EUROWA Network in general to maximise their outreach. The following means will be used:

  • Improved new EUROWA Website
  • Newsletters
  • Promotion at external events (Regional Agreements and International conferences)
  • Social Media

WP3 will develop new EUROWA training and exercise materials :

  • MANAGERS course
  • Guideline for Wildlife exercise development
  • Wildlife tabletop exercise package
  • E-learning Module for EUROWA network members

WP4 concentrates on the EUROWA Network collaboration and improvement of their working procedures. The following outcomes are expected:

  • In-person and online meetings
  • Equipment inspection
  • Update and re-publishing of EUROWA Standards

WP5’s target is focused on engaging European authorities into oiled wildlife response management. With this objective the following activities are planned:

  • National authorities participating in two oiled wildlife workshops
  • Desktop study and recommendations for national oiled wildlife response planning, to be submitted for adoption by the Regional Agreements
  • E-learning Module for authorities

WP6 is aimed at improving Europe’s preparedness and capacity to respond to marine wildlife emergencies by delivering new and existing training courses. The following courses are expected:

  • 3 x Risk & Impact Assessment Course
  • 1 x Wildlife Managers course
  • 3 x Specialist training courses
  • 2 x Advanced training courses
  • 1 x Sea turtle Advanced course

WP7 will create a new EUROWA Branch for sea turtle response with the development of:

  • A sea turtle protocol and template plan
  • ADVANCED training for sea turtle experts
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