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Sea Alarm

(Project Coordinator)

Sea Alarm is the EUROWA-2 project Coordinator and will work and supervise various work packages and activities. Sea Alarm has built 20 years of unique experience in enhancing preparedness and response with regards to pollution and marine fauna. The specialists made available have unique international experience in developing good practice, training and exercises, facilitating multi-stakeholder processes, facilitating planning and preparedness projects, and bridging gaps between authorities, industry and NGOs.


WWF Finland

WWF Finland is a EUROWA Network member and will be involved in several of the work packages focusing on coordinating the communications of the project, the organisation of several EUROWA training events and participating on authority meetings. The specialists made available have a wide experience with the training and coordination of volunteers in marine pollution incidents at national (Finland) and international (EUROWA) levels, as well as the cooperation with authorities and international advocacy on marine pollution response.



SUBMON, EUROWA Network Member, will be involved in several of the project activities and will be focused on coordinating the sea turtle work package, activities and deliverables. The specialist made available has global veterinary expertise regarding sea turtle conservation and is part of the Mediterranean network of sea turtle conservation.

The Netherlands


The Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, NIOZ, will make contributions to the project from a scientific viewpoint. The specialists made available have unique expertise in risk and impact assessments regarding pollution and marine birds and sea turtle conservation biology.

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