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Different events have been scheduled throughout the EUROWA-2 project timeline (2021-2022).


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, some events had to be formatted online, cancelled and/or postponed. The following took place during 2021, all on an online format:

  • Internal EUROWA Network meeting (online) (April)
  • Managers Course (November)


Most of the events scheduled in the project took place during 2022:

  • Specialist Course Wash and Dry (February/March)
  • Regional authority workshop 1 (online) (February)
  • Regional authority workshop 2 (online) (March)
  • Basic and Advanced Oiled Sea Turtle Course (April)
  • Advanced Course (April)
  • Internal EUROWA Network meeting and equipment inspection (April)
  • Risk and Impact Assessment Course (online) (April)
  • Risk and Impact Assessment Course (September)
  • Specialist Course Pre-Wash (October)
  • Advanced Course (November)


The project was extended 5 months into 2023 to be able to carry out the last event:

  • National Authority and EUROWA Network Workshop (May)
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