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EUROWA (EURopean Oiled Wildlife Assistance) is a network of European oiled wildlife response experts who have signed the EUROWA Charter, working together to improve professionalism in marine wildlife emergency response

Our Services


EUROWA has developed an extensive training portfolio for oiled wildlife responders, veterinarians and managers


Gathering information on the current status of European oiled wildlife preparedness and past events


The network can be mobilised by European authorities to support an in country emergency response

Developing Best Practice

EUROWA members exchange their knowledge and insights to develop best practice guidelines and standards


European responders collaborate on projects which advance the field of oiled wildlife preparedness and response

Members Section

Member Section

This section is restricted to the EUROWA members and experts who are part of the EUROWA network

EUROWA-2 Project

EUROWA-2 Project

Explore and know more about the on-going activities and events organised under the EUROWA-2 Project

EUROWA Network Organisations
Training Events organised
Responders Trained
Countries with trained responders

Recent News

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EUROWA has a new member!

Le Réseau des Centres de Soins de la Faune Sauvage de France is a network of 26 wildlife hospitals who work together to provide ...assistance in case of a marine wildlife incident.

Bienvenue @ReseauFaune 🥳

#StrongerTogether #OiledWildlifePreparedness

Spreading the word!
Mariluz Parga from EUROWA network member @submon sharing details of the EUROWA-2 oiled sea turtle training packages & manuals today at... the 4th meeting of the Groupe Tortues Marines France (GTMF)
#Training #BestPractice #OiledWildlife #Seaturtles

And that's a wrap on the latest EUROWA Advanced Responder training!
12 more people join the EUROWA #OiledWildlifeResponse 'alumni' 🥳
Thanks to @OWRN ...Ireland and trainers from ProBird for their support

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We are ready to offer a unique support empowering European authorities, NGOs, and potential polluters in Europe in dealing jointly with the challenges connected to oiled marine wildlife

EUROWA Network Members

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